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TOFU 101 is a Taiwanese delicatessen store, serving variety of Tofu products, soy milk, hot and cold read-to-eat food and frozen items easy to prepare at home.

Our featured Taiwanese breakfast items are purple rice rolls (Fan Tuan), Chinese donuts/fried bread sticks (You Tiao), flaky sesame pastries - savory or sweet (Shao Bing), Tofu puddings & soy milk (original, sweet or savory)

Other popular items are braised pork rice bowl (Lu Rou Fan), steamed buns (Bao Zi) , sticky rice wraps (Zong Zi), sticky rice bowl, stir-fried rice noodles, cold noodles, frozen dumplings, variety of cold braised dishes, desserts and more….


TOFU 101 是平凡的日常


TOFU 101 提供您的不是山珍海味,而是粗茶淡飯和小菜幾碟。我們的食品崇尚自然原味與新鮮製作,讓您吃得安心。儘量低糖、少油、少鹽,無添加一般餐廳會用的味精、雞精。而實際上,我們也沒有餐飲業的背景,赴美求學之後只是一般的上班族,因為遭遇失業,人生被關上一扇門,而主再為我們開了另一扇窗。我們能做的就是這樣平實的口味,如同出自您自家廚房,這個理念就是平凡的日常。


TOFU 101是平凡的日常。如同動漫《日常》裡有一句經典語錄:


Returning to the cherished days of our hometown, Taiwan, one could often encounter traditional breakfast spots and food stalls scattered along the streets and in the corners of our neighborhood. These familiar, heartwarming scenes were imbued with the simplicity of dollar street food, reflecting the modest lifestyle of the locals. This unique ambiance undoubtedly epitomizes the beauty of Taiwan.

TOFU 101 doesn't offer extravagant delicacies; instead, we serve up simple, homemade dishes that celebrate natural flavors and freshness from scratch. Our cooking is deliberately low in sugar, oil, and salt, with absolutely no MSG. Our journey began after facing unexpected layoffs from our long-term corporate jobs. As they say, when one door closes, another window opens, and for us, that window was TOFU 101. We were novices when we started this venture back in 2010. Throughout the years, we've remained dedicated to delivering the taste of home-cooked meals, just like "MaMa" used to make, to our cherished customers. "The Ordinary Everyday" is not just our motto; it's our guiding principle that we will steadfastly uphold.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal customers who have supported us on this journey. Our aim is to make life easier and healthier for everyone. Sometimes, even busy moms deserve a break, and parents shouldn't fret about preparing three meals every day. Let TOFU 101 take care of the cooking for you, allowing you to focus on your other priorities.

TOFU 101 embodies the essence of everyday life, reminiscent of the classic quote from the anime "My Ordinary Life":

"Every ordinary day we live may be a series of miracles."



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